Friday, November 24, 2006

Who, you say?

Oh Walt, Walt, Walt. You were a funny, funny guy.

Who else would have thought to give Kaa -- the villianous, hypnotizing python of Jungle Book fame -- the voice of our hero of The Hundred Acre Wood?

Sterling Holloway, with the same honey-filled hoots, played both Kaa and Pooh.

I mentioned it to Annabel, who at the time was trying to hide from the snake, wondering if she'd recognize the voice.

You'd think I just told her Santa won't be fitting into the woodstove this year the way she reacted.

She put her hand over my mouth and brought her forhead to my forehead, and warned with all the emphasis of a jackhammer:

"Don't say that, Mama! That is not Pooh, that is Kaa. We are not watching POOH!"

All is well, though as soon as Baloo starts to sing:

"All we need are the bear nassesames, the very bear nassesames."


kimmyk said...

Aww. Bless her heart.

I could just picture her saying that. You need to do video uploads of her.

toyfoto said...

I have to confess. I suck at the video stuff. I've made a couple of annabel, which you could find on vimeo (under toyfoto). The still image is what I'm comfortable with. ... I should really learn easier ways to do audio and video.

stefanierj said...

She's so cute it should be illegal.

Kcoz said...

So what happened to the ittybit logo photo, the one with the toddler’s hand grasping the dolls leg?? The first time I ever visited this site I watch the header load and saw that picture... I thought, "what a great concept." And that caused me to noodle around your site for a while. I hope you are not going to permanently change your logo.

Speaking of noodling around, I had a look at your latest photos over at flicker and I see Annabel has a new coat and hat... What kind of hat is that, an Elf hat? Was ittybit an Elf in the woods on this day?

toyfoto said...

This is just the "Holiday" masthead. The old one will return as soon as sanity comes back ... I predict Late January.

As for the hat, my aunt gave her that hat when she was born. It's just a fleecy jester hat I think she got at a craft fair. It has no lable.