Monday, January 22, 2007

Oh, the possibilities

An empty yoga studio on Sunday wasn't a total loss.

Sure Gwen, my most dedicated student, was feeling under the weather and had called to say she's wasn't going to make it to class but there was still the possibility that others would make their way to the studio on this cold, cold day. "Blustery" as Annabel so rightly puts it.

Nope. The wind, as it turns out, was too fierce.

So Annabel and I did some stretching, built a tower of bricks and hit the road early.

Ok, we hit the town to do a little window shopping.

I'm taking advantage of Annabel's new found amiability while I can. Last year the idea of browsing in stores (or even outside of stores), eating in restaurants and being out in the world seemed like a distant dream. Now it's a genuine possibility. I want to take advantage of it while the proverbial window is open. We're all feeling slightly isolated with all the catalog shopping. Every once in a while it's nice to see real faces and mirror real smiles.

We went to The Gifted Child and bought a Melissa & Doug stamp set as well as a Charmmy Kitty dishware set for the good little miss. Then we stopped into JWS Art Supplies and took advantage of its winter "white sale." We got two 16" x 16" prestretched canvases for $12: I have plans for artwork for the kids' room(s).

And then we moseyed over to Martin's for a late lunch. We split a hamburger and a fruit cup (she ate most of the burger ... I ate most of the fruit) and we people-watched.

She was quite taken with twin boys - 10 months old (I inquired) - at the next table. Neither of us could keep our eyes off them. They were twin bundles of joy.

Four adults juggled the twins, taking turns eating and performing amusements.

But Annabel wanted to make sure her interest in the boys was clear: "I'm going to have a sister soon," she told them as they bundled up the boys to leave.

"Well congratulations," they said. "I'm sure you're gonna be great."


Andrea said...

Ah, time well spent. Sounds divine.

BlogWhore said...

great post. as usual.

Farnooshyoga said...

Beautiful blogs - I love the layout quite a lot. You are a true artist :)!