Thursday, January 25, 2007

A bit of a sticky wicket

You may recall Annabel has mentioned a few (hundred) times that she would prefer a girl to any other brand of baby, including the cute a fuzzy puppy variety.

She's even offered names that she would happily accept: Lola, China, Brianna, Tierney, Ella and Maya are just a few on her short list.

So you might imagine my hesitation at telling her the news the ultrasound technition told me. Would it really be the worst thing in the world to name the boy China and dress him in pink? But no, honesty is the best policy.

The first chance I got, I told her that we had news. She was going to have a brother.

Her eyes fixed on me and started to tear up. "But I don't want and brodder. I don't WAAAAAN'T a BRODDER," she wailed.

This is not going well, I thought as I scooped her up into my arms and tried to comfort her.

"I know, I know. You had your heart set on a sister, but brothers are really better. They are. They are," I stammered, grasping at straws. "When you have a brother there are things you won't have to share. You'll have your own room and your own clothes. And you can still show him all kinds of things. You'll see."

She was still crying.

"If you had a sister you would have to share your room, and your clothes and your best toys," I continued fruitlessly.


I was confused.

"I don't want a brodder or a sister, I wanted a baby," she scowled. "A baby this big," she explained, pinching the air with her fingers.

"Well honey, you will have that. You will have a baby."

"Ok, mommy," she sniffled. "Can I have some peanut butter, too?"


Gail said...

I dressed up my younger brother in girls' clothes until he was, oh, about five. He's not in therapy... yet.

Andrea said...

Apparently Bloglines shorted out and I missed the post about having a boy.


And I'm glad Annabel wasn't more adamant about a sister. We've put the question to Gabe if he wants a brother or sister when we go for our own Thing 2 and surprisingly he said sister. He gets along best with the girls at his daycare, and he adores his girl cousins. Either we're raising a charmer or he's going to end up playing the field a little more than his Mama would like.

BlogWhore said...

wait a second? u mean she is going to carry and deliver this baby for u?

sweet! sign me up for that. i want maizie to have a baby brother or sister.

i don't get the peanut butter, though? is that comparable to an epidural?

toyfoto said...

She tell's everyone 'I'm having a baby' and I ALWAYS picture her with a huge belly, waddling to preschool.

... But perhaps the peanut butter is just an odd craving.

stefanierj said...

Well, I guess it's official. Everything really IS better with peanut butter.