Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Myths and legends

10. "A carefree childhood"

9. "Anti-wrinkle cream"

8. "Self cleaning"

7. "A free lunch"

6. "Married bliss"

5. "I'm not trying to sell you anything"

4. "The last mop you will ever buy"

3. "New and Improved"

2. "Two are just as easy as one"

... and ... my personal favorite:

1. "You can be whatever you want to be."


Grey Street Girl said...

new to your blog.
this post made me laugh, because it is so true...

Whirlwind said...

Two are not as easy as one, but three are as easy as two.

Kcoz said...

You forgot one, and I’m not going to say it on the ittybit blog.

but I will say this, had you not been aware of the corporate takeover of this country of ours you would have spoken up and not been deprived of sleep when raising your child, forced to work 8 hours as to more time with your babies as our parents were privileged to.

My grandfather got his head busted in the street for that privilege for his wife to be at home with her babies… if she chose to be.

You have another coming soon…. How much time and snuggle time will they take away before this one is born…

Deprived sleep!!! They took that from you, baby’s should sleep next to their mommies, the rich ones do, why can’t yours??

BlogWhore said...

whoa? what is that business above all about?

i like this post.

no such thing as a free lunch...bummer.

toyfoto said...

I'm not going to hazard a guess, other than potential disagreement with parenting decisions on sleep training.

** I would like to note, however, that while dissenting viewpoints will be welcomed on this site, beating of dead horses (or any horses, animals, living things or eggs) will not be tolerated.

Thank you.

wordgirl said...

Yeah...three are NOT as easy as two. Definitely not. But I would do it all over exactly the same way.

gingajoy said...

yup--that comment above it very very odd. (for the record--I believe in Whatever Works in terms of sleep--cosleeping and CIO. It's all good in our house. As long as there is sleeping going on).

hey, a belated congrats on Thing 2!

kimmyk said...

Number 4? I bought one of those mops. I threw it away when I got the SWIFFER!!!

Married bliss? Yeah? Uh, right.