Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Creepy ...

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I got home from work last night and before my bag had hit the floor the kiddo was at my feet, pulling on my legs wanting answers.

Her face was stern, and her eyes intent and fixed on mine.

"Am I going to Lori's house?"

My mouth hung open. I stammered ... "What do you mean? Are your going to Lori's house? Do you mean right now? Tommorow?"

She shook her head violently and pulled harder on my pants' legs for emphasis.

"NO! NO! Am I going to Lori's house next year?"

I was afraid of this moment: The one in which I would have to tell her that she won't be seeing nearly as much of her beloved babysitter, the person she's spent three years of good times; that she will be going someplace else, some place - at least in my mind - not as ideal.

Since January, when I found out our child care situation would go through drastic change, I've thought of little else but this conversation - a conversation I thought I would have to initiate. A chat I had scheduled for sometime in early June. A talk that I envisioned would turn into hours of creative collaboration and culminate in a series of memory books for each of them -- Lori and Annabel -- to keep. In essence, a long coming to terms with life's curve balls.

But she preempted my plans.

"No, honey. You won't be going to Lori's next year. Next year you will be going to a bigger school."

"Oh good," she said happily, and she skipped away. "I can't wait to go to school."

Now I expect the grand meltdown will happen in ernest when she realizes she doesn't get to ride on a big yellow bus just yet.


Sarah said...

Wow! If I were you, I'd celebrate that there wasn't a meltdown just yet =)

kimmyk said...

WOW. It times like these ya wonder if you should break all the bad news to her at once. Y'know?! She seemed to take that well. I was half expecting a picture of this turned out lip...but nope. I'm not so sure about that picture up there though...*shakin head*

Nancy said...

Whew! crisis narrowly averted.

Yep, that picture is definitely creepy. ;-)

Bon said...

my god, that was well-written. by the time we got to the "happily skipping away" part, my own heart was in my mouth, fearing for your little darlin's emotional well-being and quivering at the bombshell about to fall.

kids. just when you think you know what you're doing...

wordgirl said...

Maybe when the time comes to tell her where she is going, she'll be more able to handle it. One can only hope.

Gail said...

You won't be able to call her Ittybit for much longer, I'm afraid. The kid's canny.

amelia said...

unreal! isn't it amazing, the fast ones they pull on us?