Tuesday, April 03, 2007

You've got mail

what e-mailing requires, originally uploaded by toyfoto.

Annabel has been somewhat enthralled with the "pewter" as of late.

Thanks to our imaginary friends, we've been tipped off to some fun online sites for kids such as Kneebouncers and Orsinal. Every so often she comes and asks if she can play the OTHER KNEEBOUNCERS, a series of games for older kids, which means she sits in my arms and consoles me as I try and get an animated squirrel to jump from ledge to ledge as it collects crabapples.

She pats my hand sympathetically each time my squirrel takes a plunge.

But lately she understands that communication happens here, too.

"Mama, I want to write a letter to Emma and Luke," she said with her hands on my keyboard.

"OK?" I say without hiding my skepticism, and I set her up with a blank e-mail window.

She starts to type letters and numbers and other symbols into the white space. Chattering the whole time about what it is she's "writing."

"Dear Emma and Luke. Hello, how are you? I have a spotted frog and he's in the swimming pool. Happy Birthday!"

She almost never includes Love, Annabel in the closing.

"I need an envelope and a stamp, mama," she instructs after she's finished her epistle.

"Why do you need those things?" I ask.

"Because I'm ready to send it."


Mrs. Chicken said...

A stamp! I love it. What a traditionalist.

I have shoebox upon shoebox of letters to and from friends from when I was living abroad, and from college. Isn't it a little sad that our children won't have these wonderful tangible memories?

kimmyk said...

Aww. I miss those days. My teens spend all their time chatting online or MySpace'ing ....ahhh, I wish they were toddlers again.

Redneck Mommy said...

Looking at these pics of your daughter and your computer, I just realized, perhaps I should lighten up and let my kids touch my Mac once in a while.

They are ten, and nine. And they do use computers at school. Damn, do I wish they were babies again.

BlogWhore said...

ah, i love how the glow off the computer illuminates her little face.