Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Here comes trouble

He still isn't walking but I have to ask: Where did my baby go?
Over the weekend, the baby just disappeared. I have no idea where he's gone, but I think I know where he's headed ...

Hello dad, I'm in jail
Hi dad, I'm calling you from jail
Hi dad, happy birthday, I'm in jail
Jail, jail, hi dad

All those years, I'm in jail now
I'm in jail, I like it here
It's nice, I like it
Hello dad, I'm in jail
Hello, hello dad, hi, I'm in jail
Say hi to mom, from jail
I'm in jail, I'm gonna stay here
I like it here
I like it, yeah, throw away the key
I'm in jail

Hello dad, I'm in jail
Jail, jail, jail, jail

The infractions?

*Bit someone (visible teeth marks, thankfully no broken skin)
*Upended the dog's water bowl
*Refused to stay away from power cords
*Colored the table leg with a purple crayon
*Knocked the table over (twice)
*Unraveled the toilet paper roll (twice)
*Smacked the TV with a magnifying glass
*Colored my laptop's computer screen with a red crayon
*Pulled the dog's ears
*Ate dog food
*Tried to eat a library book
*Steals pens and won't give them back
*Tried to flush the toilet

And the list ... it's growing.


Bill said...

Your pictures are always wonderful. Can you come live near us and take pictures of our kids too? :)

Binky said...

Is this what I can expect from my little guy? Only a week in, I can already see males are totally different creatures than their feminine counterparts.

Shelley said...

Ah, boys! That's all I have so I can't compare, but it sounds a lot like our friends when they offered to watch Jack when he was 18 mo old. They had a 2.5 yr old girl and it was "Alanna never tried to knock over the lamp." "Alanna never tried to knock over the table." "Alanna never..." You get the picture. It made us laugh!

BTW, thanks for your comments on my blogspot. :)

Jasi said...

I'm with Bill. Your pictures are fantastic. And it's funny, they played a Pump Up The Volume remix on the radio yesterday.

So please don't tell me boys are more challenging. My sweet little 2 y/o girl is rough. She's just ended her reign of mischief and has adopted screaming as her new torture of choice. Random, senseless, tearful "NOOOO!" in that pitch that makes your insides twist at a maddening frequency of 2 dozen times daily. I have a boy due in 2 months.. I don't want to believe it gets harder, please.

Whirlwind said...

I can still remember the day Einey colored the entire TV screen red. Boy was that a PITA to clean.

toyfoto said...

Don't be afraid of boys, Jasi. They really are pretty amazing, and I'm sure they ARE easier in many ways.
I only have 10 months of experience with the boy child, so far I'd say he's not really more difficult than his sister, he's just different than she was at this age. It could be a second-child thing or a boy thing, I don't know. But Silas is so much better at entertaining himself.

@whirlwind: How did you clean your tv? Any tips on cleaning crayon off a laptop screen, anyone?

mamaloo said...

I'm right there with you right now. In the kitchen I created a shelf of books I'm intending to chuck out so taht the baby can repeatedly pull them down each and every day.

And, the older one? I was dusting the TV screen one day a few months ago and discovered there were a half dozen gashes in the screen. I have no idea how he did it, but he smacked the TV but good one day when I was in a different room and it left actual gashes in the glass.

Jasi said...

Thanks Toyfoto. I'm hoping for the best. Either way it's totally worth it.

@Whirlwind: omgosh. That was a fear of ours, too. We only have Crayola Washable Crayons, now. They come off of windows, tvs, practically everything! And when they get small and broken, we toss them into a cheapie Ikea silicon ice cube mold and nuke them a few seconds. They melt just a little and make new speckled -washable- crayons. Good, because replacing these little buggers can get expensive. = )

toyfoto said...

UPDATE: I used an optics lens cleaner and a used dryer sheet to clean the computer screen. it worked so well it seemed like wiping chalk off a blackboard.

xdm said...

Awesome. Was NOt Was. i haven't thought of that song in years.. but Man did it start playing in my head!!!

Anonymous said...

I can relate! My husband's constant refrain is "I don't remember Jaylene doing that..." She most certainly never plunged her sweet little hands into the depths of the toilet bowl. Jayden most certainly has!