Thursday, April 10, 2008

Incentive plan for sprited girls

Incentive plan, originally uploaded by toyfoto.


Red: Combing her hair

Green: Eating her dinner

Pink: Brushing her teeth and putting on her pajamas

Yellow: Going to bed

... without whining, crying, carrying on, causing a ruckus or stalling for days past her bedtime. You know, because she's afraid ... of snarls and pasta and cotton and missing any of the fun.

If she somehow manages to make it through the rest of the month getting at least three stickers a day she will get to choose her own "special."

She wants a cat.

We've determined that she CAN HAVE A CAT when she lives IN A VAN DOWN BY THE RIVER by herself.

So she's agreed to a trip to the toy store instead.

I wish there was an incentive plan for spirited mommies.
I would happily brush my hair every day for a month if it would get me a trip to the camera store.

You see, my camera decided it has had a nice life but it is too tired to keep up with my kids. So it's making sad little spitting sounds when it should be making clicking sounds.

** I'll let you know when I decide to part with some squirreled-away savings. Until then, I'm afraid you'll be seeing stuff from the archives.


apathy lounge said...

I wish the camera fairy would come to visit you. In the meantime, I'm okay with archived pics. Yours are THAT GOOD.

Andrea said...

Given that in the last few months, my interest in my own camera (an Olympus SP-500UZ, which was considered decent when we bought it a couple years ago but has probably been trumped exponentially in quality by now) has increased and I'm trying to improve my picture taking, I'd be interested to know your thought processes in deciding on what camera to buy, when/if you decide to do so.

Andrea said...

And given how much you love taking pictures? I think you should pamper yourself a little bit and not wait too long. Your archives are wonderful, but I would hate to see the gap in time grow too much before you start capturing life again with your practiced eye.

toyfoto said...

You guys are good fo my ego. The last time my camera took a vacation I shot film. Sadly, my favorite 35mm film camera is also acting sketchy. I may have to go into Holga or Yashica mode for a while, and since they are 120 film cameras I will have to shoot more judiciously.

I hope to poll the masses of photograpers out there. ... I'm staying with Nikon because I have Nikon lenses but I'm deciding on being cheap and going with the D80 or being stupid and going with the D300.

I'm not one to say the camera makes the shot. so ... maybe I answered my own question.

mamaonthego said...

i need one of those for myself. i am such a beast mama sometimes.....