Wednesday, August 06, 2008

How about them apples?

Cub Reporter pitches story ..., originally uploaded by toyfoto.

I've begun calling Silas "The Ambassador."

He is working his way into the hearts of just about everyone he meets just like his sister has, only using an entirely different set of tactics.

Where she steamrolled her way in -- peppering her new friends with complex questions and leveling shrewd observations their way -- he is quietly reading people and taking notes. The more comfortable he gets the farther he roams and the more liberties he takes.

Take yesterday, for instance. After he gave up his good old friend Recycling and defeated the neerdowell Hat Rack, Silas settled down in the center of the city editor's desk (having demanded to be put there by trying to hoist himself up) and just stared at our man Franco until he was given a reporter's pad, a pen, a highlighter and a small lesson about the evils of tabacco and caffeine.

I had to shake my head: Here is another child of mine who already knows more about winning friends and influencing people than I will ever understand.

Seriously ... I'm beginning to think these apples of mine have managed to catapult themselves REALLY far from this tree.


Anonymous said...

Hey...all you need to do, Mom, is bat those eyes a bit and smile!

apathy lounge said...

I'd put him to work at my desk in a heartbeat!

Binky said...

Don't I know it. In my case, my kids' distance from the tree is a good thing. The Boss is ten times more social and observant than I ever was. It's strange and yet very comforting to know she has these gifts that didn't come from me.

Your pics are fantastic. I'm so jealous of the photo albums your kids will be able to treasure as they grow up.

Gail said...

Your name's still in the credits, you know!

Kelly said...

Do you know how much cuteness is radiated in these shots?