Friday, August 22, 2008

Turning that corner

dinner, originally uploaded by toyfoto.

... between baby and boy.

Sitting by himself in a chair.

Eating from a plate.

Drinking from an open cup (sometimes).

And now saying words.

Unmistakable, only-mothers-and-caregivers-can-decipher WORDS:



"Gape" (grape)

And ... when referring to the one he used to call "Mama" ...


*Gee, the teenage years come at you quick..


Petra said...

How cute!

Lea said...

First of many. :)

Sara said...

I love it! It is crazy how those moments hit you. Sometimes very much like a baby and then completely not!

And the words...Charlotte refers to milk as "guk". I can not for the life of my figure that one out.

mamatulip said...

Don't they?