Friday, May 14, 2010

Who was that handsome, absorbing man?


Who's the most absorbing super hero ever?

It's not SpongeBob.

It's Bath Towel Man.

Stronger than a roll of two-ply bath tissue.

Faster than an open faucet.

Able to leap giant puddles with a single splash.

1 Bath towel
1 Hand towel (matching color)
2 Washcloths, (contrasting colors)
Loop and hook strips
Fabric scissors
Your kid's ability to suspend disbelief

A computer printout of a giant letter
Sewing machine
The ability to suspend disbelief

First I stared off into space for a very long time.
Then I looked online for instructions.
Finding none that matched my mind's snapshot, I resumed staring into space.

I got a really bad idea and ran with it:

*PIN your letter template to a washcloth and cut it out (I, of course, winged it).
*Next SEW the washcloth letter to the other washcloth with a straight stitch, and then zig-zag stitch all around the inside and outside edges of the letter.
*Then SEW the washcloth insignia to the bath towel. (Mine was all askew, you'll get it centered.)
*Take a hand towel and FOLD it over length-wise about two and a half inches and sew. (This will be the collar.).
* CUT the remainder of the hand towel away so you have a long strip.
* Take the bath towel and SPREAD it out over a table.
* LAY the hand towel piece about seven inches from the top.
* GATHER the bath towel in so that the ends of the hand towel piece extends slightly past the edges of the cape.
* SEW the hand towel to the bath towel
* AFFIX loop and hook strips to the "collar"

That's it. Put it on and you are ready to absorb water droplets everywhere.

superboy model


Kcoz said...

It's a bird...
It's a plane...

Thank goodness, send him to Washington so he can save the world!

Cool costume, we had to settle for a plain towel safty pinned around our neck...I'll wager that he has been running around with his arms stretched forward trying to get his cape to catch air, than jumping off every piece of furniture in the house.


Martha said...

Perfect for sliding down wet slides at the playground.