Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Paper or plastic?

stop cling trenns

My husband isn't fond of the sales pitch. I pity the the telemarketer that is at the end of the phone he answers. Even if they have legal approval to call, it doesn't mean he'll be cordial.

He's especially unhappy with the credit card companies and their wormy ways.

Always pitching their products, always adding more fine print.

Recently, he decided to send them some fine prints of his own. He collected all pitch letters he could find and commissioned Ittybit to draw some pretty pictures to return in their prepaid envelopes.

She drew unhappy squirrels ...

unhappy squirrel

Who would rather have the shelter of trees ... than kids in college, or we in our suburbs, buried in paper or encased in plastic.

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Aggie said...

Too funny! We give the phone to the six year old when telemarketers call. She likes to tell them about her dog, Ruby.