Monday, September 25, 2006

And so it begins

annabel light and dark
Originally uploaded by toyfoto.
She dressed herself yesterday for our yoga class:

Two pairs of Hello Kitty underwear: Blue pair on top, pink print pair underneath.

Two pairs of slacks: Purple bootleg strechpants underneath purple flower-printed Old Navy pajama shorts.

Two shirts: White sleeveless shirt with a small red cherry print underneath a multi-color horizontal stripe.

Black zip boots.

Notice anything missing from the list?

Say ... a diaper?

Six hours, 27 minutes -- two hours travel time and two potty breaks for the duration of the trip.

Two words:
Accident free.

Two more words:
Yeah, baby!


Andrea said...

yay Annabel! That's awesome! I hope the streak continues.

Melissa said...

Diaper-free, accident-free days are always exciting!!

Congrats to Annabel :-)

PS - I like her style . . .

the mama said...

i tried to comment on this yesterday but blogger was being a pain...

hooray!! getting dressed AND no diapers?! my mind is officially blown.

toyfoto said...

So far this week she's wanted a diaper every day. I'm thinking soon though, we'll be having potty parties pretty regularly!