Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Have you met my husband the dork?

This is why communication in marriage is a contradiction in terms:

HIM: Hey, hon. Guess what? I just had breakfast with Kate Winslet.

ME: You've got to be crooking me. What did you say to her?

HIM: Nothing.

ME: You mean to tell me you had breakfast with Kate Winslet - the actress - and you didn't say a word to her?

HIM: That's right.

ME: Wait a minute. Wait a minute. Was she sitting at your table?

HIM: No, she was a few seats away.

ME: So then you had breakfast and Kate Winslet was in the restaurant.

HIM: How's that different from what I said?


Anonymous said...

I'm with your husband. I once saw a play in London's West End with Hugh Jackman. He and his wife were sitting about 6 rows back. :)

Anonymous said...

I was piss drunk in an elevator at the Hyatt Regency in Buffalo with Bono from U2. Even slurred to him I was from Canada. He just smiled and stayed behind his body guards.

Anonymous said...

LOL, That's funny

sweatpantsmom said...

Oh, I guess I just had dinner with George Clooney - on the cover of a magazine.

Andrea said...

I've eaten many a meal with Stephen King, then, since I was reading a book by him that had his picture on the dust jacket. That's cool with me, but I hope SK doesn't mind the connection.

Anonymous said...

My friend got pregnant right around the time we sat next to Billy Crystal at a restaurant, so she calls her daughter "Billy Crystal's baby."