Friday, September 29, 2006

Four years, 24 hours ... and 63 grams of chocolate

It was our wedding anniversary ... and she helped him pick out pressies.

Yesterday, four years ago, Jed and I were married in a ceremony in The Fields at Art Omi. We had a wedding reception in our home with 130 friends and family.

I don't think about the wedding that often -- even though it hijacked a year of my entire being -- because I never presumed it would be the best day of my life. I remember it fondly, and with great sentimenality, because fun and joy were the lasting impressions, and the beginnings of a family was the outcome.

I may be the sentimental soul in our little family, but I am not the romantic one. That designation belongs squarely in Jed's corner.

Sadly, had he not mentioned our anniversary yesterday morning I would have forgotten it entirely. I still didn't go out of my way to buy anything special or even make a card. He did. In fact he took Annabel to my favorite kitchen store in Chatham and turned her loose, explaining she had to pick out presents for mommy.

They returned home with three chocolate bars, all dark; a box of marzipan fruits; one beeswax candle, purple; a package of glycerine soaps; a sparkly tin star, blue; and a wind-up pig.

So, while I wished - for my own sake of guilt - that he had not spent energy or money on presents, I can't help but admire his spirit and next year vow to do my best to reciprocate; and yes, I love the pig.


kimmyk said...

The pig, how could ya not love the pink wind up pig. LOL.

Happy anniversary!

Anonymous said...


Anything Annabel picks out that she thinks will make her Mama happy, will do exactly that, because it will always remind you of who gave it to you!

ECR said...

I don't think it gets any better than that. Happy anniversary, and many more.

Andrea said...

How sweet is that? Happy Anniversary!

wordgirl said...

Happy, Happy Day! Sometimes the simplest gestures are the best. I'd love the pig, too, but I would never turn up my nose at chocolate.

Gail said...

I was the sentimental one; David was the romantic one. Sometimes he was both, by a long shot. It may a little late, but I'm catching up.

I gave my anniversary a great deal of thought. Sunday was the best way I could've spent it (given the weather), and yes, I wish David was at the pub with us, too. It was right up his alley -- including the live music and bouncing toddler -- and I'm glad you guys humoured me by taking us all there on a non-Friday night!