Wednesday, September 20, 2006


What's happening at the other mom's house

This is the kind of thing that makes me weep. And worry. And not walk under ladders, throw salt over my left shoulder and loathe that we've allowed umbrellas to be opened indoors. It also makes me wonder if maybe Annabel has a little bit more of me in her than I thought.

Annabel noticed a photograph of Lori's parents today and asked who they were:

LORI: They are MY mom and dad.

ANNABEL: Oh. Where is YOUR mom?

LORI: Well, honey, she's gone away to a wonderful place. But it means I can't see her anymore.

ANNABEL: Oh. Was she sick?

LORI: (a bit stunned) Yes, she was. But she's not sick any more.

Lori continued to explain how her father remarried and now she has a very nice step mother, a photograph of whom Annabel immediately wanted to see.

LORI: Here she is. ... This is my step mother. But she's a nice step mother.

ANNABEL: I don't shink so.


kimmyk said...

Uhhh Cinderellie still hanging out in the back of her mind I see.

toyfoto said...

Right on the money!