Wednesday, September 27, 2006

The hits keep coming

Since Jed and I couldn't manage to settle the grudge match over which one of us was going to accompany Annabel to school on her special day -- a day, once every six weeks, in which each student's parent is expected to show up, bring wholesome snacks for 10 kids and help with arts and crafts, reading and clean up chores -- we both decided to go.

Jed picked her up from Lori's house and was already at school with Annabel and a half a watermelon when I arrived, bringing apple cider and blue corn chips.

ITTYBIT: Oh, look. My MOM is HERE! Look. That's my mom. My MOM is HERE!

TEACHER: That's really wonderful. And who is THIS fine gentleman with you?

ITTYBIT: Oh. He's my big brother.


victoria said...

i love that kid! poor jed.

kimmyk said...

Poor hubby.

Gail said...

Ha! Ha! Oh man, I have so much catching up to do.