Tuesday, January 22, 2008

I know what you're thinking

You've been coming here for the last 21 days wondering to yourself: "when, for the love of mike, will she be taking down that holiday banner!?!"

I mean, sheeesh. You hate those people who leave up the Christmas lights until August.

This banner, dear readers, isn't the only thing still standing from our holiday celebrations.

So is this:

It's still Christmas at our house, originally uploaded by toyfoto.

I figure, when I finally get off my ass and find the time to pack up the tree ornaments and haul the frasier fur (and for those of you worried about fire safety, this baby has shed remarkably few needles and the branches are still quite supple) to the curb, I'll replace the masthead, too.

I'd advise you check back again after Valentine's Day.


Redneck Mommy said...

My kids would adore you as their mother. They think I'm a hard ass because I took the tree down before New Years. If it were up to them, they'd never take it down.

Anonymous said...

Oh, thank goodness. Someone else still has their tree up. The ornaments are off mine, but the lights and tree are still there. My husband keeps shaking his head, but he has made no move to take it down either.

If I was rich I would build a house that had a tree closet. Then we could just wheel it in and out every year.

We had friends that used to leave theirs up till Easter!