Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Yeah ... No, you can't go by her

We had a medical day today. A well-baby, well-child extravaganza that started in the morning and stretched into the afternoon.

Got everyone into the car in time to drive through an apocalypse if we had to just to be on time. And strangely enough, we left on dry pavement and arrived an eternity later in a whiteout with two inches of accumulated snow.

Of course the real fun was juggling two semi-nekked children as each had to go in different directions. Suffice it to say Annabel did a wonderful job reading the eye chart, peeing in a "hat" and getting a shot.

Annabel told the doctor that she liked broccoli, cucumbers, peas and yogurt (but only the plain kind not the kind with the fruit). And that she also liked raccoons, but not to eat. (whew). The doctor's mouth was only slightly agape (no spittle or drool visible) when Ittybit took a gander at the eye chart on the wall and noted that she liked "the frame."

She apparently doesn't see too many art movers kids.

Silas, however, screamed his way through the scale, the examination and the immunizations.

The doctor asked how he was doing. Was he rolling over from both sides? Pushing up from his tummy?

"Yes. Yes. But he's not pulling himself up to a seated position yet. By this time with Annabel we had to retire her cradle and pull the bassinet insert out of the Pack and Play."

"Oh, Annabel was always precocious," she warned. "You can't judge a normal child by her."

So for the record:

Annabel, at 4, weighed 30 pounds and measured 38 inches tall.

Silas, at 6 months, weighed 14 pounds 8 ounces (5-10 percentile) and measured 25.5 inches (10-25 percentile) and head circumference 42 cm (10 percentile).


angela said...

"Oh, Annabel was always precocious," she warned. "You can't judge a normal child by her."

I think that is the highest compliment that could be paid to a toddler....

Firestarter5 said...

Annabel will be the first female US President. Sorry Hillary.