Friday, June 06, 2008

Guru says ...

love guru, originally uploaded by toyfoto.

It's quittin' time.

And what are we doing this weekend?

Same thing we do every weekend, try and take over the world of

House cleaning(ish)
Grocery shopping for the week

Of course we have some kharma points to recover, too.

Remember these guys?

Well, I didn't really have the guts heart to mention that we're on our second replacement team. Well the original orange one (AKA Poppy) has survived but its partner -- the white one (AKA Marigold) -- and the subsequent two "dalmation" ones we added only a few weeks ago have been sent to retrieve their final reward in the septic tank.

This story isn't helping me feel any better either.

It also may explain why our freakishly fast "Poppy" swims to the top of the tank looking for food every time one of us walks in a room. She knows us big'uns are good for a pinch here and there.

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