Monday, June 02, 2008


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I check my blog statistics all the time. It's a sickness. So I (literally) know where some of you are coming from.

For instance, I know some people are visiting from New York, New Jersey, California, Georgia, Oregon, Illinois, Iowa, Minnesota, Louisiana, Virginia, Florida, Washington (both DC and the state), Kansas, Maine, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Missouri, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Vermont, Wisconsin, Texas. ... Some of you even stop over from Canada, London, France, Ireland, Scotland, Wales, The Netherlands, Brazil, Spain, Italy, India, Germany, Australia and New Zealand.

Most of the visitors stay for a second or two; no doubt following their search engines recommending this place for such puzzling mysteries as "How do I check the pulse in my foot" or "sisterhood of the traveling boobies."

Truly, I can understand why someone looking for "Ubermale" wouldn't necessarily find much to interest them here.

But some of you do come back. And whether you comment or not, your presence is felt and cherished. I have always felt as if I've known where you are coming from (figuratively), too.

I'm honored so many of you spoke up and said your piece recently. Honored that you felt you needed to console me in my struggle to understand a thoughtless comment. One that was probably never meant to be taken as I took it.

I just wanted to thank you for your words. Every last one. They really do help me bounce back.


mamatulip said...


Angie said...

you have so much to offer. cannot tell you how much your writing and articles really touched me and made me think.

oh yeah, and this is a shout out from nyc!

Sara said...

I'm guilty of checking my stats too. For me, it's the Flickr stats that are so addictive. I just love seeing how people found my photos.

~Sara, President of the Minnesota contingent of the Toyfoto Fan Club

Anonymous said...

from singapore.You have beautiful kids.

Anonymous said...

Don't forget your faithful following in Taiwan. We think you rock.

toyfoto said...

See. I knew I'd be leaving places out. Doh!!!

Binky said...

I guess you could call us your sisterhood of the traveling boobies.

Mom101 said...

Just catching up and amen for the sisterhood. I hope one of those helpful commenters used the term "douchebag," because it seems to fit.

Brooklyn, NY ISP

Anonymous said...

I've never commented before and found this blog by complete accident last year, but I came back and will keep coming back for as long as it is here, mainly because I see a lot of myself in you but also because I am entranced by your words and pictures. You have a beautiful family and your childrens' lives seem to be full of love, happiness and stimulation; just observing these things from a distance makes me look forward to being a mother myself. People are different and make different choices in life; we can only do our best and hope they are the right ones for ourselves and others. For what it's worth, I think you're doing a damn good job and that this person who has commented is the one who will miss out on the joy, tears and light that children bring to our lives. Their loss though eh?

Love and hugs to you all,
Laura (Manchester, England)

Firestarter5 said...


You already knew that though.

By the way, the average price for gas up here now in this neck of the woods is over $5/gal.

I'm paying $5.21 for diesel!