Thursday, June 12, 2008


joy ride , originally uploaded by toyfoto.

Since we got these Plasma Cars at Goodwill last month, the hallways have been buzzing -- night and day -- with the whirring of their wheels.

Up. Down. Around. Repeat.

Silas usually rides with me while Annabel races on the power of her own steam.

But this week Annabel got to drive her little brother around for the first time, and I'm not sure if you can really tell from this photograph (to the uninitiated eye she looks slightly crazed) but boy was she excited.

To actually play with him and be in charge is HUGE to her. HUGE.


Bonnie said...

You got this at Goodwill? Score!

Anonymous said...

He looks pretty happy too! You could try letting him go on his own on one, Jayden has scooted around on ours for ages now.

toyfoto said...

He's not interested in going alone just yet. I tried. He's got no problem pushing it around and he's fond of steering by himself, but he definitely sees the ride itself as a team effort.

Anonymous said...

I think she looks so much like you and he looks so much like your husband. I follow your pictures on fliker too - which I have to say are AMAZING- and more and more the resemblance are obvious.
It is so good to share -:):):)- the looks of the kids ha?!

toyfoto said...

Thanks, anonymous. Nice of you to say.

mamatulip said...

Huge, indeed.