Wednesday, June 18, 2008


phone interview , originally uploaded by toyfoto.

Hi, Mom? I have a question for you: Who's picking me up at Amah and Papa's today?

I am.

Oh, Good. When are you going to come?

I'll be there in about a half hour.

How many minutes is that?

A half hour is thirty minutes.

Oh, O.K. I have another question for you. ... How would we get out of our house if there was a fire? Would we have to go out of the window?

I'm not sure. My guess is it would depend on where the fire was located. We'd probably just go down the stairs.

But we'd have to probably crawl on the floor, right?

That's good thinking. The best air will be low to the ground.

Mom, I have another question for you: If there was no toilet paper at the farmers' market. And there was no toilet paper anywhere else, what would we use for toilet paper?

I don't really know. Maybe we'd use leaves.

LEAVES? That's just crazy. ... Hey, do you have to go back to work?

Not just yet, I can still answer questions.

Good. I have ANOTHER question for you: Are we gonna eat dinner at Amahs?

Yes, we're eating dinner at Amah's

Oh GOOD! I was hoping you'd say that.

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