Thursday, June 26, 2008

Some days ...

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Some days it seems as if this here rambling, online journal writes itself.

Not today, though.

Today feels uninspired.

What's worse, I suppose, is that this lack of inspiration is also causing me to have a bit of an unwanted epiphany about the value of keeping track of every little thing about what is just life; writing it down while attempting to embed artful flourishes into what otherwise is utterly banal.

Could it be the blues? The blahs?

I don't know. I can't really put my finger on it.


Bonnie said...

Oh sister do I feel you. I am in SUCH a funk right now. Sometimes it just all feels meaningless huh? And you thought this would be a pick-me-up comment, didn't you?

toyfoto said...

I don't know. The sisterhood of temporary funk aspect of your response makes me feel less alone.

Binky said...

Banal to whom? Not yourself when you read this years from now. Not to Annabel and Silas when they read it to learn more about you and about themselves as children. It's quotidian now, but someday it's all going to be a gripping memory that you wouldn't have if it wasn't for the words and the pictures.

(That being said, I understand very well your feelings on this)

Anonymous said...

So many comments I have... but can't find the right words. I am nowhere near as eloquent as you are with words and I struggle to write it down. I think it's wonderful how you write down your worries as well. I'm totally ignoring the baby killing epidemic that's racing around Taiwan. Later when your kids read these pages (and they will, over and over) you'll encourage them that you had concerns and worries and that they can too. No one is perfect, which is a relief for me!

toyfoto said...

Julie, you really hit on something that I've been thinking about but not really articulating. How there is definitely an editorial spin. You see what I want you to see. Granted I discuss my worries and my shortcomings, but there's a lot I don't talk about. There's a lot I will probably never talk about. Partly because it doesn't seem important and partly because even if it seems important it doesn't merit mention.

But all my call.

Kelly said...

There are seriously days when I wake up thinking an IV of liquid Wellbutrin would be in order. Just something I can turn on and off as needed. Today, I need.

I hear ya.