Thursday, September 04, 2008

Family matters

Been thinking a lot about family and life and how nobody can know what the future holds.

We can scratch plans down in our daybooks; section off blocks of time to do things .... take vacations and travel around. But we can't ever really know what's lurking around the corner. Good or bad, it all can change the path we take.

People always tell us to "live in the moment," or "take it one day at a time," or "cross that bridge when you come to it." They say "change is good." But having something to lose makes the possibilty of really losing it all the more terrifying. The unknown is fright filled.

I know the fear all too well. I've choreographed an entire "blog" to dance around it.

But I take a deep breath, and the moment of anxiety passes.

I take the picture and I grant myself some solace. The only thing we have is right now; yesterday is over and tomorrow is a mystery.

Just breathe.


kimblanz said...

I thought I was the only one that had these thoughts! I understand you completely.

charlaine said...

tommy has those exact same shorts. I hear ya sistah girl. I hear ya.

Anonymous said...

Well... this very well could be a Norman Rockwell painting of our generation... the typical American family... Both parents working, shuffling the 2.3 kids, (we half to put more meat on the Champs bones) to different schools and day-care centers. fuel cost eating away at the budget causing more credit card use. 2.5 pets... you have the dog so that figure must evolve from the constant replacing of expelled gold fish... only if you add a CAT! And of course we must include your carbon footprint... The head of household is in the cartage business so you must start cycling on the weekends... Silas too.

Great Photo... you all look so content, and happy.

Later, Kcoz
PS where do I send the CAT??