Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Summer's end

It was getting dark. Silas was asleep in his car seat before we pulled out of our grassy parking space. He was filled to the brim with the confusion of sights and sounds, not to mention the frozen fruits of the Dairy Bar. Annabel was clutching her hard-won prizes from the midway. (Hard-won in part because her parents were't so sure they wanted to let her try and win them.) She was spinning from fistfulls of spun sugar and frenzied carnival rides

The county fair has come and gone. Summer is over.

But it surely went out with a bang.

We traveled to visit some friends in western New York over the weekend, stayed overnight in a hotel with a pool, and sprinted back just in time to meet up with another dear friend and go to the fair.

Soon will be "back to school" time for one little miss.

It's hard to believe that in no time we will be wearing sweaters and coats and pulling on boots and hats. We will get the snow shovels and ice scrapers out of their summer storage spaces. We will turn up the thermostat and start wearing socks around the house.

Summer will be just a warm memory.

And then, soon enough, its arrival will be anticipated once again.


Gail said...

I love these transitions between seasons. It's like travelling: the anticipation of a trip ahead, then at the end of the trip it feels good to be home.

Labour Day Weekend with your kidlets was just what I needed. I hadn't seen my nieces and nephew since April and that's just far too long!

apathy lounge said...

Sweet, sweet memories...for sure. When they're little like that it's almost as though everything is an adventure.

Shutter Bitch said...

Sometimes, looking at your pictures, I wish I could just step inside your head for one day with a little tape recorder to record your thoughts. I know I would learn so much. and I also know that your kind of eye can't be taught. Beautiful images.