Friday, September 19, 2008


swing annabel, originally uploaded by toyfoto.

"Mama! Look at me. Look at me," she said when she saw me in the playground. I'd finally managed to finish my chores at the Marilla Cuthbert Academy for Unspeakably Charming Children, where I was appearing for the first time this season as the appointed parent slave "Special Day Girl's Special Person."

She was swinging. Back and forth. Back and forth. Her legs stretched out straight ahead as she swung forward. They bend, toes inward, as she hurls back toward the trees.

"I got it started myself."


Anonymous said...

She is just stunning. And thanks for that last entry - your writing and honesty amaze and inspire me.

*melanie from

Anonymous said...

She looks so grown up next to Silas I sometimes forget she is still learning things like, to swing by herself.

Good job Annabel !!

Later, Kcoz

Ellenjohnrubicon said...

i love this. i lived on a swing as a kid- good for annabel!!