Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Twenty questions

... in no particular order ...

1. Are you mad at me?

2. When are you going to come home?

3. When is daddy coming home?

4. What does pen pal mean?

5. Where is Taiwan?

6. What does preprosterous mean?

7. Is today a school day?

8. Why do you have to work?

9. Why do I always have to go to bed before Silas?

10. Who do you love more? Me or Silas?

11. Why are you always cleaning up?

12. Why don't we have cats?

13. When are we going to go to that place where the other Maya lives and go swimming?

14. Why do pigs eat only the rinds of the watermelon?

15. Did you bring me any specials?

16. What does it mean? Inquisitive?

17. When do I get to ride the school bus?

18. But isn't a cube a square?

19. How come an oval isn't a circle?

20. Can I write in Lori for President?


Anonymous said...

Her vocabulary is so much higher than Jaylene's (although she might know those terms in Chinese, I'm not sure). I wish it weren't a preprosterous idea for our pen pals to visit each other.

Whirlwind said...

Wow, what a list of questions!

So, does she have a penpal in Taiwan? Even my seven year old doesn't have a pen pal yet! (although soon, I'd like to introduce the idea)