Friday, November 07, 2008

A message to Obama

You lead. I'll follow., originally uploaded by toyfoto.

You lead, I'll follow.

My daughter didn't like your name. She wanted me to vote for her babysitter.

I told her not liking a person's name was not an acceptable reason to dislike them. I told her I was voting for you because I believed the world would be a better place - for her and her brother, and their children - with you at the helm now.

Like the four-year-old that she is ... she ignored me.

"We'll I'm voting for my babysitter."

But her eyes filled up with happy tears when I told her you'd won.

She's willing to believe. She's four and she can see reason.

She's also now in love with your name ...

"Barack, Barack, Bo Bock.
Banana Fana Fo Fock,
Me My Mo Mock

Just wanted to let you know, we believe.

Have you got a message for our president-elect? Why not drop it here? Or better still, share your vision for change at the office of the president-elect.

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ssm said...

I know it's silly, but one of my favorite things about Mr. President-Elect is his name. It makes someone like me with a "funny name" (his term, not mine) like him feel a little bit better that all that school bullying and years of mispronunciation by teachers. Like, instead of me rolling my eyes when my parents used to tell me that I could be president one day (because really? who elects a non-white woman to the white house with an unpronouncable name?), I could tell my kids that and it could actually be TRUE. The world is feeling a little amazing to me right now.
[I know, I know, this post is from days ago and I'm just catching up now]