Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Real men (and women) wear babies

papa sling - crop, originally uploaded by toyfoto.

That's what the folks behind Babywearing International think anyway.

They've even devised an entire week each year during which people around the globe celebrate the wonders of this very literal component of attachment parenting.

Some local folks have also planned a bunch of babywearing events, including a demonstration of their slings and things at the Troy Waterfront Farmers' Market this Saturday from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m.

I can tell you, demostrations are good. As in "GUD." I kinda struggled through it alone at first, but I'm glad I did.

I tell you, without my tiny little arsenal of slings (which we still use) I'd have been waving a white flag long ago.

True story.


April said...

babywearing DOES rock. i would've lost my mind without it.

down side up & right side in said...

OH! I am so JEALOUS!!! I bought a peanut sling, but we just can't get 'comfortable' with it. She always looks like she is half paper jam and half baby.
It's beautiful though, your photos. And we're not giving up, we just not as natural as you all.

Baccus Family said...

OK, so I think my girlfriend lost the sling I used with the first 2 kids, so I think I might have to buy one for little #3. I'm only ~13 weeks, though, so I have some time. Anyway, I was wondering what sling is your favorite and how did you choose it? I'm due in May, so the fleecy one probably won't work in Houston. :) Thanks for your help!

toyfoto said...

I loved my "pocket" sling from the Peanut Shell folks. Mine was just one-ply cotton. I also got a similar style reversable one (also cotton) from an etsy seller. While the baby wasn't that mobile, it was great.

I've never used a mai tai style, but I'm told those are really nice, too.

Now I use an Ergo, and I find that it's really good for silas. It's able to be used on the front or back and he just hangs out.

I like it because it's really easy to get him in and out of. I find snugglies and baby bjorns difficult.

diana said...

Ah. Babywearing. Love (as you well know).