Friday, November 14, 2008

Brotherly love

kisses, originally uploaded by toyfoto.

He woke up this morning, cooing his happy coo.

"Chuck cho. Ah. Libby doh do.


I woke up. He was Inches away from my nose, telling me he was awake.

I sat up and chatted with him for a moment.

Can you say Mama?


Can you say Daddy?

"Da! Da!"

OK, it was more like a quiz, but things are so different this time around.

He babbles whole sentences, when his sister would have clearly pronounced a few words. It's almost as if he's not talking at all, and so we easily disregard what he says.

I sadly haven't really taken the time to really decipher what it is he's saying.

Can you say Silas?


Can you say Annabel?

he was quiet for a moment ...

Then he threw back his head and yelled "BELL!"




I helped him out of bed and he toddled off, yelling 'BELL' all the way down the hall and into her room ...

By the time I got there he was already pulling the covers off her trying to get in beside her.

"Why did you let him wake me up, mom?" she asks and then leans in to give him a kiss.

That's why, kiddo. That's why.


Whirlwind said...

Aww that's so sweet!

Anonymous said...

I totally love this photo... been looking at it for a couple of days wondering about the story behind it.

Later Kcoz

Gail said...

Aww, munchkins! Your household runneth over with the cuteness.

Here's another one for you, a profile of His Toddlery Round Cheekness:

Anonymous said...

Adorable, and I love how you've documented it.

Jayden's top four words all sound remarkably the same, Baba (Chinese for Dad), Mama, BangMang (CH for help, comes out as BaMa) and Bum Up (we say it when he's getting a diaper change, he says it when he wants us to stand up) but it sounds like, you guessed it BaMa.