Thursday, November 20, 2008

Random question Thursday

dear santa, originally uploaded by toyfoto.

Do you have a formula for writing greetings in your holiday cards? What is that formula?

My words may bubble over here in cyberspace, but I tell ya ... on the inside of my holiday cards (some of you who receive them in the mail might know what I'm talking about) it's like a desert wasteland of sentiment.

I spend so much time on the idea for the outside that I'm kinda spent by the time I have to get out ye ol' Bic pen to actually make them a little more personable.

Must. Work. On. That.

How about you?


April said...

i totally have a formula... it's so lame and i often wonder if the people who receive my cards on a fairly regular basis are annoyed by it... but i just can't think of anything better to say :-/

Anonymous said...

Um, I don't send out Christmas cards. I always say I'll make it up by sending out Chinese New Year cards, but I miss that boat too. Never remember birthdays either. I am number one worst corresponder. BTW, we've got a whirlwind weekend planned for our flat guest. =)