Thursday, November 06, 2008

Random question Thursday

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What was the best gift you ever received?

I have two:

I had wanted a pocket knife when I was seven years old, but since I'd borrowed his pen knife and cut a large gash through the center of my thumb that same year, my dad thought it would be best to wait.

When I graduated from high school he presented me with a Swiss Army Knife -- The Waiter -- and a note:

"I think you're old enough now. "

A few summers later, I lost the knife as I was walking along a beach in Maine. I was a little upset until I realized it really wasn't the object itself that held the meaning. It was the memory. I'd always know where it was, even if I couldn't find it.

It was amazing to me that the place I lost the knife -- a place I'd never been before -- would be a place I'd revisit each year by coincidence of marriage.

The other gift that has a permanent place in my heart was a song written for me when I was 20 by a good friend (for whom I carried the teensiest bit of a crush). He recorded it on a tape cassette, which I still have in my possession.

I haven't seen this friend in years, nor have I heard the song since the day he sung it to me in his livingroom, but every time I come across the tape, the memory comes back. And I smile.


apathy lounge said...

When I was a kid, I wanted a tape recorder SO MUCH! I talked about it and thought about it and finally...I got one for my 10th birthday. Oh, the hours of fun I had pretending to be a talk show host. True, I was horrified by the sound of my own voice (and still am), but it was magical to create things so quickly and effortlessly, then erase and start over. This was WAY before VCRs, mind you.

toyfoto said...

Oh tape recorders! I remember doing the same thing ... only I think I sang into my old Panasonic. *Shudder*