Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Out of our league

There comes a point in every parent's career -- even if it's only briefly -- when they wonder: "Am I in over my head?"

It's not the "Have I made a mistake?" thought. Of course we've made mistakes. We ALL make mistakes. And we will continue to make mistakes; that's what life is all about -- fixing mistakes.

No, this is the moment when you realize you have absolutely NO IDEA what it is you are supposed to do in any given situation.

Your son walks up to you, say, carrying an orange marker and the tell-tale signs that he's uncapped the felt-tipped vehicle for vandalism are all over the exposed portions of his body.

A part of you KNOWS you'll find orange-colored scribbles all over the walls -- possibly right beside the purple scribbles you chastised him for last week -- but you just don't want to look. Nothing you own seems as precious, anyway. Errant crayons and dog slobber have seen to that.

But still there's the issue of imparting the rules. Getting all creatures great and small to toe the line.

But what worked with one doesn't work with the other.

He's got his own agenda.

You say "NO"

He just laughs.

You say "Time Out"

He laughs and laughs.

Thank goodness the markers are washable.

... Wash, rinse, repete.

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