Thursday, February 04, 2010

Random Question Thursday

puzzle 35/365

How long would it take you to complete this puzzle?

Seeing as how the project was started by a puzzle master kindergartener ... and she was given some help with the outer borders from a puzzle-obsessed friend ... you might think we could knock this out in fewer than 20 minutes.

Of course, you'd have to figure on my inability to fit together anything that isn't clearly labeled: "Insert this piece here into that piece there."

You'd also have to factor in the removal of all progress when an unattended toddler redistributes puzzle pieces throughout the family room.

And add to that a night in which to "sleep on it" after the dramatic outburst of aforementioned kindergartener to the sight of her dashed work coupled with her mother's inability to even begin to figure out the different pieces of blue. (Puzzle-obsessed friend didn't see her work destroyed, but I'm sure it would be cause for some consternation if not heartache when she reads this.)

Don't forget school. That's another six hours lost right there.

Where do the days go?

All told I'd say it took about three days (give or take 20 minutes for Champ wrangling and deflection) to finally see a kitten torture a goldfish.


Bill said...

Here comes yet another of my "I love that picture" comments. *laugh* The box down on the ground combined with the brightness of the table is brilliant. I'm going to steal, er, borrow, the idea for the next time we do a puzzle!

Although it's not a good sign that my word verification is "disestr," since that's what my picture will probably turn out to be. :)

toyfoto said...

I know how to fix Disestr!

Kick away all other objects/toys from within about a three-foot perimeter around the edges of your frame (so they don't cast shadows you'll have to erase in Photoshop). That's what I do.

Then you won't have disestr.

Puzzle-obsessed friend said...

SON OF A...That's a nice big fat 'Thank you very much for repeatedly flying me around the living room Buzz-style while slamming into pillow meteors'!! HMPH!

I knew I should have tied him up instead.

Double HMPH.

toyfoto said...