Thursday, February 25, 2010

Random Question Thursday

high tea
You're having a dinner party. You can invite anyone in the world, living or dead (or fictional ... because it probably won't ever happen anyway), who's coming and what will you serve?

Bennedict Arnold (want to ask him what he did in the house down the street from us, when "he was entertained there as a prisoner of war"), Bill Murray (hoping he'll just hang around for a few months) Kate Winslet (because the MAN already had breakfast with her) and Cher (who wouldn't want CHER at their house?)

And we're having pizza delivered. I don't want to miss any of the conversation.

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kblanz said...

I'd want to have dinner with Princess Diana to find out what really did happen in her life and why she picked such horrid men to be with. Steve Jobs so I could ask him "What's next?". Dumbledore (from Harry Potter) to see if he really can use a pensieve -- cause it's just cool, and John Cusack cause, well, he's John Cusack and I love him.

I wouldn't cook (cause who'd want to eat that?). I would bring in a Greek Dinner from a restaurant in Chicago called the Parthenon (off Halsted Street). Appetizers would definitely include Saganaki (a salty, flaming goat cheese) and serve plenty of Ouzo so people would talk. I'd also say "OPA!" for no apparent reason and end the night with dancing on the tables.

Crazy. I know.