Thursday, February 11, 2010

Random Question Thursday


In a movie theater which armrest is yours?

I'm the sort who starts out with my feet on the seat and my elbows on my knees. I like to think I'm compact and mildly considerate. Of course those are two illusions dashed to smithereens as soon as one or both kids winds up in my lap ... then I am tenticle mom. I practically take up the entire theater. "ALL ARMRESTS BELONG TO ME!!!" mwa-ah-ah-ah.


Cara said...

Movie theater? You mean which side of the couch as I catch up on the movies I missed from 2003-2008 that are now out on dvd? No hope on the horizon unless I want to see a kids' movie in one of those new fangled theater things. Ok, so I really AM looking forward to Toy Story 3 ;-)

Gail at Large said...

Sadly, it's a very rare occasion that I make it to the cinema. But when I do, it's usually an independent one showing second-run films -- thus, mostly empty. I have practically the whole place to myself!

But, to answer your question, if I'm next to someone I usually give up the armrest.

angela said...

right. the right one is mine. and the left seat is also mine- for purse, coat and whatever else i'm toting along.
it doesn't really matter about the armrest though because EVERY SINGLE TIME I GO TO THE MOVIES.... someone sits directly in front of me. maybe i should put my mark on that seat, too.