Monday, April 12, 2010

A world apart but not so far away ...

Some friends and I donate a small amount of money each month to a small charity to support a little girl in Kyrgyzstan. Most of us have extra money we waste on things that bring us no lasting pleasure. This money, however, was to help her with food, clothes and schooling. Basic needs we take for granted. It's not a hardship for us to send off small bits of money into the world, it deserves no praise.

On April 6th a demonstration in protest of government corruption in that country turned violent and riots broke out. The violence spread nationwide. The country is now in the midst of revolution. All we could do was wait for news we hoped was good.

I learned today, our girl did not survive.

It's hard to wrap my head around the loss, a seeming world away from ours.

Her name was Cholponou.

I will hug my daughter extra hard tonight because of her.


Kcoz said...

WOW...that is sad
What was her age?
Do you know how she was killed?
Did you ever recive a picture of her?
If so, it would have been nice to see her along with this blog.

A verse from John Lennons song "Imagian" had just entered my thoughts as I wrote this reply.


toyfoto said...

She was 15. She had lost her parents and was living with a grandmother. I don't know how the particulars of her death. All I know is she had gone out at night for some unexplained reason and her body was found in the morning.

I will amend the post to add a picture of her.

Bill said...

What a touching story. So lovely that you guys donate to a cause like that, so hideous that such a thing can happen to someone.

the mama said...

so very horrible.

Anonymous said...

I'm sad for you and her family. Big hugs.