Wednesday, April 21, 2010

When welding isn't an option


ME: If you were going to make flip-flops out of newsprint how would you do it?

HIM: Why?

ME: I want to make them.

HIM: Of course you do.

ME: Seriously? What would you do?

HIM: We'll I'd probably glue a bunch of papers together with a non-water-based glue, wait for it to dry and cut it out with a saw.

ME: What about Mod Podge? Would that work?

HIM: What's Mod Podge?

ME: It's a water-based glue people use to shellac magazines to tabletops.

HIM: Did I not just say something about not using water-based glue?

ME: Yes, but I wasn't really clear on why?

HIM: You go outside in them and they'll disintegrate.

ME: I'm making flip-flops out of newsprint. Longevity isn't important.

HIM: Of course not. ... I'd say Mod Podge will probably work then.


Cara said...

sign of a good marriage :-)

Mod Podge Amy said...

How cute! I love this.