Thursday, April 29, 2010

I expect the next phase will be a petition ...

strongly-worded letter

Dear Mrs. Murray - From Annabel,

I just learned yesterday we had a rule that says kids can't hold hands. Why do we have this rule? Our lane is called Friendship Lane and holding hands is part of good friendship. I think we should consider the rule a little different. I know we should have rules to keep kids from hurting each other, but we shouldn't make rules that keep kids from holding hands. We should have a feelings day. Every kid would write their feelings about school. They should tell you how they feel. We should do this. It would make people feel happy.
So, Miss Murray -- Do you like this idea? (Check Yes or No).

I hope you write back.



Bill said...

What a sweet kid, and what a silly rule. I really hope that Mrs. Murray writes back.

Kcoz said...

I certainly do not understand the reason for this rule but I’m sure it is complicated…Good job Annabel, protest if something seems unfair!
At the very least you should receive an answer to the reason… why?


Kelly said...

What? No holding hands?

Love the letter, though.