Friday, April 30, 2010

Using my craft for crafts

dead soldiers

No doubt you’ve all heard the newspaper industry is dying. There’s some dispute about the nature of the affliction … whether its demise is the result of murder (the internet), suicide (industry mistakes) or natural causes (back to the internets again, where the paper goes the way of all webs). I’ve even weighed in here from time to time, taking each side of the triangle.

But, whether I think there’s going to be paper and ink product in the next five years (or five months) isn’t really what worries me …

What worries me is that the off-label stuff we humanoids do with yesterday’s news is endangered, too.

So I've compiled a lits of all the things wou can’t use your dated news for if it comes through a computer (or iPhone):

* Fire starting
* Fish wrap
* Collection mat for toenail clippings
* Bird-cage liners
* Lint-free window wipes
* Wrapping dishes when you move
* Insulation
* Emergency pot holders (the insulating thing)
* Emergency wrap for long-haul ice cream transportation (again … insulating).
* Garden mulch
* Deodorizers (for stinky shoes and plastic containers)
* Protection for furniture when you’re painting, doing art projects (or peeling potatoes)
* Umbrella when you’re caught in the rain
* Sun shade for when you're caught in the sun
* Shape preservers for shoes, hats, purses
* Stuff in cracks to keep out drafts
* Dust pan
* Knee pads
* Frost protection for plants
* Shelf and drawer liners
* Swat flies

Not to mention a whole host of material for arts and crafts:

* Paper mache
* Bead making
* Kite making
* Party hats
* Emergency gift wrap
* Collage material
* A bounce reflector for flash photography

So … with all this endangered material in mind, I decided to start a new craftacular series: Using My Craft to make Craft.

First up: Newspaper Sandals

Style on the right looks more earthy, right?


The RECORD … two of ’em. (I used Thursday and Sunday).
If you have big feet, you should probably use The SARATOGIAN. (It’s a broadsheet).
Clear packing tape

A person who knows how to use a Sharpie


Stack the papers together and stand on top of them
Trace the outline of your feet (or have your Sharpie-certified friend assist).
Staple along the inner edge of the outline
Cut out foot shape
Cut out strips from remaining newspaper for the strap
Insert one end of strip/strap between the two paper layers and staple or tape closed.
Insert the other end on the other side, staple or tape closed.
Experiment with styles. … I tried Earthy Crunchy (fit was better) and House Goddess (a little too floppy for my tastes).
Cover the entire shoe with clear tape, top to bottom.

Wear them to collect your paper from the driveway

**Next time on craftactular (unless something better comes along) Newspaper Necklaces.


Kcoz said...

Good Idea...I never considered the many other uses of the newspaper that are necessary in our lives…especially its importance with starting a fire.

The local newspaper is still a great way for advertisers to distribute coupons and there are still many who use them, as well as search for local retail sales. I think the local papers will survive for this reason as long as they do not allow the printing of the coupons from their website, as I do believe they need a web presents in this age of the Internet to complement the actual paper. People will use the Internet for breaking news but will still buy the actual Sunday Edition for the bargains. I know of many who really enjoy looking through the newspaper for retail deals.


Sally said...

Maybe criss cross the 2 straps to get a less floppy fit. What a neat idea.