Friday, October 21, 2011

A craftacularly bad dream come true

Swap House

So I happened on a fixer-upper of a dollhouse at a swap meet recently.

I didn't think twice before picking it up and hauling it two blocks back to our car (along with the volume of stuffed animals the kids had appropriated).

I had visions of haunted dollhouse in my head.

But ... I am not crafty, no matter what you may think. I'm rarely able to make anything the way I see it in my head ... or even in pictures by people whose ideas I wish to purloin.

But as is usual in delusions like mine, the idea that I might actually be able to make something of this took the shape of a discolored set of curtains, tacks already piercing the fabric, stuffed inside the attic crevice. Horror included.

Taking it home, and setting up near my computer ... where I could stare at it and think. And mull. And Google expensive dollhouse furnishings. And wonder what I was getting myself into.

Finally, I decided on a first step.

I'd make a mattress for the bed I didn't yet have.

I made plans:

Doll House Mattress

And got to work.

After 15 minutes or so I managed to sew this:

haunted dollhouse mattress

It went so well, I'm wondering if I could turn the "Princess and the Pea" fairytale a nightmare?

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