Tuesday, October 25, 2011

She's decided ...


Her costume, that is.

Little Miss Early Bershon has decided she's had it with all the princess stuff.

She's going to be a "Butterfly Girl" this year.

Woe to the person who confuses the two on their doorstep. They might wish they'd left their lights off ...

We began this year's project by making a paper template.

Paper template for butterflies

Folded lots of construction paper.

Paper butterfly

And cut out dozens of paper butterflies, which she decorated with marker and sequined scales.

Butterfy Garden

I took all the dried butterflies and basted them to a green pinafore dress she's almost outgrown.

paper butterflies

And here it is: Chica Mariposa!

She's finally decided on a costume

We are also working on hot-gluing some of these paper creatures to a headband so they will flutter around her head as she walks around the neighborhood.

Chica Mariposa

We also made a ring out of ribbon and crepe.

I have long eschewed the value of hot glue. Costumes without it would be impossible.

Next it's his turn.

He wants to be (and I kid you not) a superhero skeleton man. ...

"Like when Metroman faked his own death."

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