Thursday, October 06, 2011

Maybe we shouldn't tempt fate

First we had fleas, then floods, then beetles and now FLIES! ... Seriously? If this god's wrath I just as soon have darkness over the land for three days. I could use the sleep.

FIRST we had fleas.

THEN floods.

and NOW we have FLIES?!!!

If this is god's wrath I'd just as soon he skip to the bit about Three Days of Darkness Over The Land and leave it at that.

I could use the sleep.

Of course, having said that, the next infestation will probably be frogs.

Maybe it would be a good thing: They'd eat the flies.


Carl said...

Actually, on one of my bike rides last week, the road kill of the day was definitely frog. Millions of them, all across the road. I was also eating mosquitos the entire time.

toyfoto said...

Yeah. We're seeing lots of frogs around here, too. Thankfully (I think) they're still living.