Tuesday, October 11, 2011

They go up ... And they go down

They go up ... They go down ...

A month ago we welcomed Lulu the wonder dog to our old, falling-apart home, with the hopes that her person, Dappa John, could remedy some of its ills.

Four weeks, fully three of them rainy, and somehow he managed to pull off a string of miracles.

Insulated foundation, revised landscaping and a side porch that makes the rest of the house look shabby.

Not to mention felling a few trees, getting in some firewood and even measuring for windows ... when we get around to that.

A thank-you doesn't seem enough.

But here it is: A start -- Thanks, Dappa John.

And thanks, Lulu ...

We'd almost forgotten how nice it was to have a pre-lick cycle for the dishwasher.


Gail at Large said...

My goodness, the cuteness! You must miss your dearly-departed doggies.

toyfoto said...

Not being awoken by Lulu on Wednesday morning was sad. It was strange having her here, though. So very different from Madeline and yet there were moments of exquisite similarities. All good reminders.

superpragmatic said...