Friday, July 28, 2006

Pride and prejudice

ITTYBIT: Mama, wiwl you tum ere. I dot to show you sompin. I colored sompin fo you.

SOMETIMES SHE'S SHWAN: On the wall? Oh, baby, we don't write on walls. Only paper. Ok? Only Paper.

ITTYBIT: Oh. I'm sorry. I done know what I'm doing.


kimmyk said...

I have to ask-what does "sometimes she's shwan" mean?

And Annabel is too cute. Tell cutie patootie it's ok...sometimes as adults we don't know what we're doing either.

toyfoto said...

My name is pronounced SHIVAWN, and recently we began teaching her our first names and where we live. ...You know, just incase she get's lost.

Sometimes when she tells people I'm her mommy, she also adds: "Sometimes she's schwan."