Monday, July 03, 2006

Splashdown 10 ...


Things I learned this weekend:

Annabel will follow grandmotherly types anywhere. ANY-WHERE. She will even initiate an introduction and a handshake ...

"I'm AN-NA-BEL; was you're name?"

2. She likes green tea with citrus.

"This is lemony, mama!"

3. Definutely no fruit should ever, under any circumstances, be mixed into pancake or waffle batter. EVAH! You may put strawberries and blueberries on the side but not in the batter, shankyouverymuch.

4. Upon seeing skewered shrimp sizzling on the barbeque at Bill and K's house, she begged for "Tigger Tails." I'm not exactly sure how I should feel about the fact that she is willing to eat the tail of an inhabitant of the Hundred Acre Wood, especially since neither her father (allergic) nor I (not fond of shrimp) have ever made a point to explain that the little pink crustaceans are indeed edible. After much hemming and hawing and pulling out of hair, I figured now is as good a time as any to test for a negative reaction so I popped one in her mouth. After much chewing and more clammoring, we are pleased to report she doesn't seem to have inherited her father's shellfish allergy. However, the bad news is, contrary to popular belief, "Tigger Tails" did not enable her to bounce higher.
5. I firmly believe if we were able to conduct a two-hour yoga class on Sundays, Annabel might warm up to the kids and actually participate during the second hour.

6. Pools rule. They are cool, and they are so, so, very, spectacularly fun.

7. She can't wait to see her Ama Linda on the fourth and make her a "special."

She loves her Pooh and Tigger swim diapers. ... Because, as we learned in #6 above, POOLS RULE!

She knows what a microphone is, how it works and how to look cool singing in front of crowds of toddlers (when no one is looking).

10. She loves Supa MB's mix tape for June. LOVES it. Thank you, Supafine!


Diana said...

Tigger tails are Beast's favorite food. Though she just calls them "shimp". Go figure.

Mom101 said...

The photo alone got me. Perfect.

Andrea said...

Tigger Tails. That's just too cute. And that picture? I want to go to a pool now.