Monday, July 17, 2006

Questions to ponder

"Mama? Who painted the sty?
The sty. It's blue. Who painted it?"

I know her father would like me to explain the science behind why the sky is blue, but I can't help but think how much more pleasing it is to imagine the sky actually were painted anew each morning, noon and night by the star that heats and lights the Earth.

Sometimes a little magic can get you through your day.

Can you feel the love?

He sure could. It felt like a pinch before toppling over onto the ground and fumbling around, limb over limb, to get back to an upright position. The good news is they both managed to get to their feet laughing.


Mom101 said...

Just tell her Matisse. So much easier to believe.

wordgirl said...

Yeah...what SHE (mom101) said! And the pic of the two little ones is awesome.

Trish said...

Absolutely. Magic is what it's all about.
Great pictures!