Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Aw, let the pigeon drive the bus ... it's only for pretend

Annabel always sticks up for the underdog. ... Or in this case the under bird.

This interactive little picture book starts off with a bus driver taking a break and asking readers to please make sure that no one - not even the wheedling, pleading, cajoling, wormy pigeon - drives his bus.

But the little squab is incorrigible:

"I'll be your best friend!"

"How 'bout I give you five bucks."

"I bet your mom would let me."

"I have dreams, you know!"

Annabel, it turns out, understands about dreams. From page two, when pigeon peeked in his little head into the story to ask permission, she was ready to hand over the keys.

"I would let him drive the bus. It's only for pretend."


victoria said...

that is one of the cutest things i have ever read.

stefanierj said...

We love this book so much, my husband read it to my pregnant tum after someone gave it to us. Too bad my boy doesn't love it yet.

Oh, and read Pigeon Finds a Hotdog. You won't regret it.

Anonymous said...

Good for Annabel! She's definitely someone I would want in my corner :-)