Monday, December 11, 2006

Fairy tales do come true ...

Remember ... oh, a couple-a few days ago .... I lead off a list of stressors that included meeting for the first time an imaginary Internet friend and her rock star toddler and newbie bebe?

Well we met and it was as fabulous as could be. She's known around the flickrverse as the Beast but she's all beauty. And Annabel was quick to dub her "My new friend."

As in: "Where is my new friend?" Sunday night before bed, Monday morning upon awaking and again Monday night before bed.

And Diana (aka Jesamin) is as sweet as can be. How could the mother of the sweetest newborn on Earth and the most brave toddler in the universe, AND who traveled HOURS to attend a crazy cacophonous yoga class and eat overcooked lasagna in a BARN with a smile NOT be an amazing woman?

Not to mention a killer photographer, too.

I must say, I'm feeling pretty splendid about the whole weekend, and I can confirm with certainty it wasn't a stretch.

Now if the rest of the holidays go just this smoothly, we'll be in business.


Andrea said...

It's fun to learn that those internet connections we think are so tenuous simply by being internet connections are actually some of the stronger bonds we have. I learned that after meeting with a fellow blogger several times. The friendship just keeps on getting better. Hope the same happens for you.

diana said...

Ah, Beast is smitten as well. "Want to look at pictures of Annabel and her monica" is what I've been hearing daily.

I enjoyed every minute hanging out with you guys, the drive was nothing and we'll do it again in an instant whenever you'll have us again.

Gail said...

Hooray for the internets!